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Will Global Warming Destroy Ski Resorts?

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Are you a ski enthusiast and you have your Whistler accommodations planned for your next ski trip? Do you look forward to this yearly vacation in the wintertime where the only thing you do is hit the slopes and enjoy the snow, the resort and all the facilities it provides? Then you should be concerned about the state of these resorts and the potential damage awaiting them because of the changes in the weather and global warming. If you noticed recent changes in the weather you may be wondering what global warming is and whether or not it will destroy ski resorts.

Changes in the weather are occurring

It is no secret to the scientific community across the globe that global warming is taking place and that the earth’s temperature has been on the rise for a few decades. With this increase in temperature, many changes are expected to occur to our climate and weather systems, some of which are already happening as we speak. The increase in global temperature manifests itself in different ways but it generally means that we should expect changes in the global climate, which is why this phenomenon is often referred to as climate change. They happen often in areas that are generally colder or experience various temperature changes such as the ski resorts you find.

But this year was colder in some places

As mentioned global warming is a global rise in the temperature that leads to changes in the weather specifically and the climate as a whole. So the changes will be affected by altitude, water currents and locations that are very different in different regions. One very common outcome of climate change is extreme weather events. Hence, global warming does not necessarily means overall warmer weather but changing weather such as more extreme storms in some regions while others get increasing hot waves.

The change will affect the weather systems differently everywhere, making the ski seasons shorter or causing a later start. Ski resorts will have increasingly less stability to plan ahead of time. The Whistler accommodations will be affected and will experience various changes that are currently hardly predictable.

Can the resorts address the problems artificially?

There are a few techniques that the resorts can currently rely on to prolong the season, or at least to accommodate all the bookings and trip requests. For example, creating artificial snow to keep the slopes from losing their overall smoothness and remain suitable for skiing. However, there is not much that can be done to make it snow for example, if the season was that bad, but so far the impacts are not that bad yet.

Ski Resorts

Global warming is happening and there are many problems associated with it, scientists predict that it will affect many aspects of our lives in many regions. However, there are also many solutions, this is why one should be aware of their impact and look at how they can help save or lessen the damage related to their favorite sport. Keep that in mind next time you go to