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Ski Trip Fun: The Pros of Ski Flying

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It is this time of the year when you go on and start planning your next adventure on the ski slopes. A ski trip in addition to being a challenging sport, is an adventurous and fun activity. For many people, it is a group activity where people go together enjoy the snow, the scenery and the quietness of the place, while at the same taking advantage of the facilities provided by the resort that aim to entertain and relax the visitors. A much anticipated and fun activity is ski flying and here we are going to look at the pros of it read this post!

But first what is ski flying?

Ski flying is an extension of the ski jumping activity. Instead of jumping of low and medium length points, ski flying happens from a calculation point (or k-point) of at least 185 meters. The ski hills need to be equipped for such activity and it certainly is not a beginner’s level. One needs to have been experienced and have practiced ski jumping before attempting to ski flying. This sport has been bone since the 1930 and it is certainly not without any merit that it persists to this day. It can be done in many different regions, consider checking the Whistler accommodations to see what they offer.

It is adventurous

Much like many winter sports, ski flying is fun and adventurous and it allows you to get out of your comfort zone and experience a different feeling and a different type of events. Ski flying takes that a step further as it requires high jumping and acrobatic effects. It allows you to feel that liberating moment where you are in control of every movement you make. Many people enjoy the risky aspect of it, knowing that it is something that they can control with their effort and experience and skills in the sports.

It requires fitness and training

Ski flying is not any sport for anyone to practice. It is difficult and risky and it requires the subject to be fit and to have undergone much practice prior to engaging in this sport. It certainly is not for beginners and not anyone looking at Whistler accommodations should jump into right away. It is a challenging sport that requires a lot of skills and practice. Anyone who practices ski jumping should have already learned basic ski skills and be skilled and experienced in snow related activities.

Ski Flying

It should also constitute a switch from ski jumping and should be practiced under the surveillance of a coach or someone who is more experienced at least at the beginning until it is mastered. The training and fitness required by these sports have great benefits and require one to remain healthy during the off season so their skills do not deteriorate or lessen.

Are you a ski enthusiast? Do you enjoy adventures and risky activities? Perhaps it is time for you to try ski flying. What are you waiting for? Go to and book your accommodations for the best hills designed to make your ski flying experience unforgettable.